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Complete Security Program Development

Personnel Security Consultants, Inc. helps clients develop security programs "from the ground up."  

We work with clients through consultation meetings to determine what they already have in place and then develop policies, then design a program to meet their needs. Once policies and the program are in place, we provide implementation training as needed and requested for responsible staff, tribal council or deciding bodies, and affected employees.

Policy and Procedure Development

The foundation of a successful program lies in the internal policies and procedures that govern the program. The PSC team has developed policies and procedures for security programs that comply with federal programs such as:  

> BIA Security Offices;  

> The Office of Indian Education Program?s Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Protocol;  

> The original Indian Child Protection Handbook developed by the Indian Health Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs.  

We work directly with our clients to ensure the policies and procedures we develop are tailored to meet their needs. Our process begins with a template to ensure compliance with federal regulations, but also allows for the flexibility for clients to add in their own requirements. The final product includes a bound hard copy and an electronic version on disk.

Tailored Training and Course Development

Our training sessions build on each other and can be interwoven, with content presented as needed by our customers. We have successfully combined several training sessions and presented ?summit? type training programs for several of our clients allowing them the best opportunity to train all their employees at one time. We develop custom training programs that meet the employment screening and personnel security needs of our clients. We have partnerships in place and access to full-time curriculum developers to handle any training request.

Personnel Security Consultants, Inc. Mission

Our mission is simple-- through our expertise, we help tribal, local, and Federal agencies protect our communities by assisting each agency we work with to develop strong background screening programs and provide services to assist each agency in maintaining fair suitability programs for employees and volunteers.

Training for Your Specific Needs

Protecting you, Protecting our Communities

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