What is adjudication?

The literal definition is: to make a decision, to act as a judge. In the context of employees, adjudication is a comprehensive, common-sense judgment, made after consideration of all the relevant information, favorable or unfavorable, using a set of pre-described standards.

When do you adjudicate?

Once a background investigation has been completed, someone must then read the report and make a decision as to whether there is anything contained in the report that is a concern or could cause harm or impact the reputation of the employer. Then the reviewer must make and document a decision as to what to do next. This process is adjudication and the reviewer is the adjudicator.

What happens if we don't adjudicate?

If you conduct an investigation and then do not make a decision on the results, you have not completed the investigation. The employer then opens themselves up to possible liability and loss of Federal funding. Also the community they service is not being protected.

How can Personnel Security Consultants help?

Personnel Security Consultants, Inc., will adjudicate any referred cases. All adjudications completed by PSC, Inc., will be in compliance with the requirements and statutes established for position of the individual. A referral will consist of the official transfer of an acceptable investigative form/report to PSC, Inc., for each case. Each employee will also be required to sign an authorization for release allowing PSC, Inc., to have custody of their investigative information and conduct any additional investigative inquiries on behalf of the client. Once an adjudication is done a Certificate of Adjudication will be issued by PSC, Inc., for documentation and audit purposes.

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