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6 Nov 2016

My TEDx Journey

I had no idea what a beautiful journey it would be when I hit send on my keyboard and submitted my application to TEDx Albuquerque. And a beautiful journey it has been. The journey included hard work, new discoveries, new friends, laughs and lots of tears. 

The day of the event was such a mix of emotions, encouragement, and support. For me personally, I was very emotional after I heard my Grandpa's and Auntie's voices on stage during the sound check about 30 minutes prior to the start of the TEDx event. I included recordings of each singing songs I grew up with. Hearing their voices and wearing jewelry passed down to me from elders who have passed away, overwhelmed me in a way I did not anticipate. I planned for everything. I did not plan for such strong emotion. I was on the verge of tears from the minute we finished the sound check. When I returned to the green room, I had to go into my own world to contain my emotions. There is no shame in crying and there is a time to do it, however, right before an event like TEDx is not the time. Especially a live event that is being recorded for video release. To get out of my own head and to soothe my heart, I turned to the sounds and experiences that gave me comfort as a child.  

I jumped on YouTube, grabbed my ear buds and found the The Best PowWow Song Ever; 9 Year Old Rocks the Hand Drum; and Supaman, The Prayer. Thank you to each of you, my gentle warriors. Hearing their voices over and over for almost three hours through my ear buds kept me focused and kept my emotions in check so I could give the words I needed to share in my TEDx presentation.  




I must give a shout to my fellow women presenters; they were supportive beyond words. By the time the Stage Manager came into the greenroom and gently told me, "It?s time.' I was ready. I pulled out my ear buds and followed the Stage Manager behind the stage. As I stood behind the curtains, I had nothing but the drum in my head. The Stage Manager threaded my mic under my poncho, hooked the microphone onto my ears, and ushered me to the stage. I went out to give my talk, I was ready and prepared and the emotions came right back. Anyone who has seen my talk knows what happened next: I invoked Frybread, Commodity Cheese, my "business lady moccasins", and my tissue in my pocket. Yes, I felt my relatives within and around me and I gave my presentation just as it was meant to be given.  

Many blessings and may you walk in beauty. 

To watch Michele's speech, start around 15:30  

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