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The ?Advanced Employee Investigation & Adjudication Training? is a 3-day training session that focuses on the advanced skills of conducting employee background investigations and adjudications.  

These skills include how to use available search engines, conducting character references and interviews, sending out inquiries and verifications, and report writing. Advanced adjudication skills such as case summary development, sending letters of inquiries, and conducting personal suitability interviews will also be included in the training.  

All standards contained in the Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act (Public Law 101-630), Indian Country Law Enforcement Regulations (25 CFR 12) and the Tribal Law and Order Act will be covered. The course consists of both instructor-led lessons and practical exercises that take attendees through realistic investigative scenarios, to include analyzing each phase of the adjudication process from case ranking, finalizing a case summary, and making a final adjudication determination.  

The training is designed for Tribal Administrators of programs responsible for the care and safety of children, Tribal Human Resources staff, background investigators, adjudicators, and employers with security, suitability, and investigation programs subject to federal requirements. The cost is $800.00 per attendee.

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