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Welcome to PSC's 1st Defense Background Screening Secure Portal

Our 1st Defense Secure Portal is an online system providing access to background information such as:  

  • Criminal histories at the national, state, county/local and tribal levels.  

  • Verifications for employment, education, driver?s license  

  • Civil court records at the Federal, state and country level  

  • Credit history  

  • Character references  

  • And much more. 

    Orders are requested on-line through our secure portal. Clients may securely log-on to 1st Defense to access their search status as well as obtain their on-line summary reports 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide all new users orientation training and unique passwords prior to access. All activity such as new orders, requests for more information/releases, and completion of reports are automatically sent to the authorized users via email notification. The email contains a link for the User to access case information after signing into the system via the provided link. Our Reports, Search Status, and User Notes are all easily accessible through our secure portal.

  • Sign-up is Easy, We have no monthly quotas, minimum purchases, or sign-up fees.

    The 1st Defense Online Background Screening Program is:  

    User Friendly 

    Our web-based system is designed for ease of use and training will be provided to your administrators and users. We have available packages or will customize a package to meet your unique needs.  

    Fast Turnaround 

    The majority of our searches are available within 24-72 hours of a request. Many of our traces are instant. 


    We have access to the most current, accurate, and legitimate information used in conducting tribal, national, and local background screens. Our employees are members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and certified to the Fair Credit Reporting Act to provide results compliant with applicable regulations.

    Why 1st Defense On-Line Background Screening is Your Choice

    1st Defense On-Line Background Screening was developed by Michele Justice, President, PSC. She originally designed the program as an in-house tool to assist PSC in conducting quick, accurate, investigative packages to help hiring officials and tailored the program for Tribes. It is now being made available to all hiring officials and Tribal Programs. All searches are on-line and support your employee background investigation, tenant screening, and volunteer screening programs. 1st Defense Background Screening has over fifty (50) available searches and verification services. Join 1st Defense and simplify your background investigation process.

    Protecting you, Protecting our Communities

    1st Defense Background Screening