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Since our formation in 2004, we have contracted with over 250 different Native American Tribes and Tribal programs to provide various investigative services to include fingerprinting services which we introduced as a service in 2007. We served as the liaison for the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs between the FBI and all Federally Recognized Tribes and Tribal Programs for nine years. In April 2016 we begin offering FBI Fingerprinting services directly as shown below:

Are you a Tribal Program in Need of Fingerprinting Services?

In order to provide FBI fingerprinting services to our Tribal Clients we have partnered with an FBI Channeler. Through our partnership, we offer Tribes and Tribal Programs full FBI fingerprinting services to include pre-adjudication services. Contact us to start fingerprint services for your Tribal program: Call Kevin Olivas at 877 856-1329 or

Why FBI Fingerprinting?

Tribes and Tribal organizations looking to meet the requirements of the Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Protection Act must include an FBI Fingerprint Check as part of the overall screening for individuals who are hired to work with, have contact with or control over Indian children.

Need a fingerprinting Livescan System?

We sell CDI Livescan Enhanced Workstations (CLEW). CLEW is an easy-to-use, accurate, and cost effective Applicant Livescan Fingerprint system. Capable of creating and submitting FBI Applicant Transactions with one software package. CLEW is fully certified with the FBI and is available on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, with a soon to be certified Windows 10 release. CLEW supports a wide variety of finger scanners, including the Integrated Biometrics Kojak, and the CrossMatch Guardian, to name just two of the most popular Finger Scanners. The CLEW System runs on Desktop, Laptop, and Microsoft Surface Pro platforms, making it an ideal solution regardless of whether you are a fixed base operator or a mobile service provider. Contact us for more information or to order your CLEW Workstation today! Call Kevin Olivas at 877 856-1329 or

"We are proud of our experience and ability. We are experts in making sure tribes and tribal organizations have the support they need."

--Michele Justice, President

Protecting you, Protecting our Communities

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