A Message from Michele Justice 

Our commitment has always been to aid in the protection of our families and communities. We have demonstrated this through the training and support services we have provided since 2004 when I first decided to start my own company. The idea to help was not new, taking a risk and becoming an entrepreneur and business owner was new. Through the guidance of my father, teachings from my dear Auntie, and the hard work of myself, my husband, my staff and even my children we built a company that has established a reputation for not only helping our communities but training our community members to help and protect themselves. When we received a contract from the BIA to develop and administer the Tribal Personnel Security Program we expanded our ability to help by processing fingerprint cards and serving as the BIA's Tribal Liaison between the FBI and the Tribes and Tribal Programs. We have been honored to serve our Tribal communities on behalf of the BIA. 

Our service to our Tribal communities will never be over. We will continue to take your calls, work with you on resolving your issues regarding background investigations and adjudications, and train your new and existing staff. We assure you that we are still here for you. 

We still offer technical assistance and training services, and we will be happy to help you coordinate your investigative needs. We continue to offer you the following services to assist you in complying with Federal mandates: 

  • Non-FBI federal, state, local, and international criminal checks  

  • Comprehensive investigation services  

  • Adjudication services  

  • Training and certifications  

  • 1st Defense on-line background screening services

Thank you for your support of the Tribal Security Personnel Program, and we look forward to assisting you in new ways in the future. 


Michele Justice, President and Lead Instructor  

Personnel Security Consultants, Inc.

TPSP Training & Technical Assistance

To be accepted into the Tribal Personnel Security Program, tribes and tribal organizations need to have an existing policy for operating a background investigation program, have trained staff, and have appointed an adjudicating official. Personnel Security Consultants offers training sessions for tribes and tribal organizations who aren't in compliance yet, or who would like to improve their existing programs. This training is endorsed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs' (BIA) Center for Personnel Security.

Protecting you, Protecting our Communities