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PSC's employment screening division provides a standard background check package, as well as in-depth and industry-specific investigation packages.

1st Defense Standard Package

The 1st Defense Standard Package is set-up for the convenience of the customer and includes the most common searches essential for thorough applicant screening. 

This package includes:  

- Social Security Trace  

- Nationwide Criminal Search  

- County/Local Criminal Search  

- Sex Offender Registry Search

Background Screening Packages

Entry Level Positions<br />$33.00 Child Care Positions<br />$60.00 HeadStart Positions<br />$70.00 Police Officer Positions<br />$190.00 Executive Positions<br />$145.00 Tenant Screening<br />$41.00 Vendor License Vetting<br />$45.00 Vendor Owner Vetting<br />$75.00

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