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Michele Justice

Michele Justice

Michele Justice

In 2004, after serving as a security specialist and coordinator for suspected child abuse reports, Michele decided it was time to take what she had learned in ceremonial teachings, life experiences, and employment to help protect children by starting a business: Personnel Security Consultants, Inc. became that business. A commitment to protect our collective families and communities was the focus from the start and continues today. PSC President Michele Justice, an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation and of Hispanic descent, is a licensed Private Investigator and is recognized as a national expert in personnel security. She has over 25 years of experience in employee background investigations, adjudications, and training development. Personnel Security Consultants, Inc. began as a training provider, specializing in Indian Child Protection and Indian Country Law Enforcement requirements. Services were expanded from providing a few trainings sessions the first year of operation to providing full background investigations, adjudication certifications, and background screening services as well as fingerprinting products to over 150 Tribal Programs, federal agencies and private companies. Years of continually working with and traveling to Tribal communities ensures Personnel Security Consultants is always well-informed and ready to provide the true needs for the clients and communities being served.



A Tribute to my Mentors

Being a small business owner is wonderfully hard. The only way to succeed is with many hours of hard work and contributions from many, many people. For some small business hard work is not quite enough and I am grateful to still be offering my services through all my ups and downs. I thank my ancestors for their sacrifices that led me to where I am today. I thank my children for being patient with their mother who raised them in an unconventional way. I thank my grandchildren, especially my oldest, Logan, who keeps reminding me to take a break and play a little. Thank you to those who stood by me and to those who did not. Thank you to the new comers in my life and those who moved on. Thank you to all my mentors and story tellers. I am grateful to all the lessons learned through each of you. PSC would not be possible without so many very special people in my life. I am truly humbled thinking of all of the individuals who gave me advice and helped me along the path.

Michele and Grandpa

Michele and Grandpa

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. No, we are not the Native American version of the Rockefellers, but my paternal Grandpa had a booth at the annual New Mexico State Fair selling his silver jewelry and demonstrating his silversmith skills. My Grandma was famous for her fry bread and lemonade. My maternal Grandparents had a small auto repair shop and owned a few apartments in the Barelas neighborhood of Albuquerque. My mother also made and sold jewelry when I was young. My father is still an Artisan and Silversmith and quite renowned for his old pawn style jewelry. I share this information to explain a little bit of who I am and how deep the small business roots run in our homeland of New Mexico. I am proud to be a small part of our big world and glad to share a little of my story.

My Grandpa was the person who started me on a path that directly led to PSC. He took me to get my first job as a youth opportunity trainee. I spent a whole summer fingerprinting and assisting in the badge office at Sandia National Laboratories. I had no idea that my summer trainee job would set me on the path to PSC. My Grandpa crossed over to the Spirit World in 2007. His teachings, songs, and faith continue through me.

Thank you Grandpa -- Michele Justice


National Recognition

Michele Justice/PSC has received a number of awards and honors, including the New Mexico SBA Small Business Person of the Year, the Governor's Award for Outstanding New Mexico Women, the American Indian Business of the Year Award, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Top 100 Businesses Blue Ribbon Award and Michele Justice was selected as a TEDx Presenter for the State of New Mexico. Watch the video below.

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