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About the Community Safety Partnership

The Community Safety Partnership gives members exclusive access to our wealth of resources in the areas of child protection, employee and volunteer background screening, and the development of Employee Background Investigations Programs. Tribal programs, agencies and organizations whose mission is to serve and protect the most vulnerable members of our communities will benefit from the following:

Reduced Rates for the following services that help protect your communities: 

1st Defense Background Screening on-line system and free social security traces…learn more 

Adjudication Services…learn more 

Need help obtaining FBI Fingerprint Searches? Members receive: 

We will work with you to set up an understanding with the FBI. 

We will provide you clean, easy to understand, FCRA compliant reports – and we’ll even do the digging for you in the case of an incomplete record. 

Resources to help you to protect your community, such as: 

Short on-line training modules answering your most common background screening and adjudication questions.  

Templates for policies, procedures, questionnaires, authorizations for release, notices to employees, and much more. 

Answers to your questions, such as how to challenge a criminal record. 


Have a volunteer program, housing program, or a pool of prospective employment candidates to select from? With MySelfScreen, you can have your volunteers, potential residents, or prospective employees run their own backgrounds and submit the results to you.


$89.00 monthly fee for full access for one partner membership 

$149.00 monthly fee for up to three (3) partner memberships 

$199.00 monthly fee for up to six (6) partner memberships

Protecting you, Protecting our Communities