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Character References for Employment Screening

1st Defense offers personal and professional character reference services for pre-employment background checks.

Character Reference - Personal

A character reference, also known as a personal reference, is a reference provided by someone who knows the applicant and can attest to their character and abilities. Provided personal reference will be contacted and asked to answer questions regarding character and abilities. The results of the interview will be provided.

Character Reference - Professional

A professional reference, also known as an employment reference, is a reference provided by a former employer. The information can be positive or negative and is regarding the applicant's past job performance and/or conduct provided to a prospective employer. Previous employer(s) will be contacted for dates of employment, position held, salary, reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire. Former employers will also be asked to answer questions regarding character and abilities. Some employers require use of an online service at an additional charge.

Self-Developed Character Inquiries

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