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Criminal Record Searches for Pre-Employment Screening

1st Defense offers a number of criminal searches for pre-employment background screening including tribal and county courts; state and federal databases; Canadian and extraterritorial searches; wants and warrants; and sex offender databases.

Federal Criminal Record Search

This is a statewide search for crimes against the federal government. Offenses might include terrorist activities, mail fraud, drug trafficking, and anything investigated by the FBI. All results are Federal Felony results and are name match only searches.

Nationwide Database Search

This is the same search as the statewide database, but on a national basis. This search is based on name, date of birth and social security number, but will return results based on "name only" matches. Thus, if you are searching a common name, a large number of potential "matches" may be returned.

Database Statewide Search

Information for this search is collected by a private company, and generally is based on information from the Department of Corrections as well as other sources tracking convictions or probation records at a statewide level. If a database search is used, we recommend also running a county criminal search with it to comply with Section 613 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, since the available databases are often subject to missing and incomplete information.

State Repository Search

The state repositories are made up of 38 states considered "Open States," and these repositories are the central housing for all criminal records in that state. All counties are required to report their information to a central government agency and any records from the repository carry the state seal. There is no mandated time period in which counties are required to report to the designated state agency, so the information is as current as each particular county's reporting process. Some states require a state specific release form while others require a generic release. Please contact us prior to ordering for a complete list.

County Criminal Searches

7 or 10 year searches available. Popularly known as an "On-Site" search, this search is normally done by a professional criminal record court retriever who visits the district court. Typically this is for felonies and misdemeanors, if the misdemeanor information is available at the same court house. Some counties have an access fee. This search produces the most current and accurate information.  

Some counties provide only felony searches.  

$5.00 to $9.00, plus any county court fees. 

Please contact 1st Defense for state-by-state and county-specific pricing. More specific county pricing is available based on actual volume levels.

Tribal Court Search

Service to retrieve and search for court records from specific jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions require additional fees.

Sex Offender Registry

A subject can be searched either statewide or nationwide. As with a database search, if a common name is run as a nationwide search, there may be a large number of name-only matches returned for review. When available, pictures are included on this search. The Sex Offender Registry is a self-reporting database, but sex offenders are required by law to register.

Nationwide Wants & Warrants

This is a nationwide search of local, county, state and federal extraditable warrants.

Canadian Criminal Search

Canada criminal searches are conducted through the Canadian Royal Mounted Police and cover all provinces. This requires a special release form and a copy of two forms of ID. The courts will return felonies and gross misdemeanors.

Extraterritorial Criminal Search

Guam - Criminal Repository  

Puerto Rico - Criminal Repository  

Virgin Islands - Criminal Repository

International Searches

The type of criminal records available, and the number of years searched will vary by jurisdiction. Many international courts just offer records from upper courts. The identifiers required to screen an applicant for international searches will also vary, depending on locale searched.

Would a conviction for "non-support of a child" constitute a crime against a child?

Regarding your question regarding Non-Child Support of Children: Although the offense involves children, it appears the offense is codified under "Domestic Relations" rather than offenses committed against children.

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