Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Corrections Package

The Law Enforcement Package ensures compliance with 25 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 12, Indian Country Law Enforcement and Public Law 101-630, The Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act.  

- FBI Fingerprint Coordination and Submission  

- Nationwide Criminal Search  

- Federal Criminal Search  

- State Repository Criminal Search  

- County/Local Criminal Search  

- Tribal Court Records Search  

- Sex Offender Registry Search  

- Motor Vehicle Records Search  

- Social Security Trace/Residence Verification  

- Credit Report  

- Federal - Civil Search  

- Education Verification  

- Employment Verification  

- Employer Interviews  

- Personal Reference Interviews  

Note: Law Enforcement Background Investigations require additional searches and inquiries that PSC will assist Tribal Programs with completing, upon acceptance of the custom package.  

In addition to the outlined searches, the package includes:  

- TPSP Application Coordination;  

- Unlimited fingerprint card stock;  

- A sample applicant screening questionnaire;  

- Conducting Personal Subject Interview Reference Guide;  

- Writing Law Enforcement Background Reports Reference Guide;  

- Guidelines on Administering a Compliant Program.  

The package also includes Internal Affairs/SII Searches as needed.

Protecting you, Protecting our Communities

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