Investigation and Adjudication Management Workshop

The Investigation and Adjudication Management Workshop is a two-day session. The workshop is designed for managers and provides an extensive overview of the investigative requirements of the Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act (Public Law 101-630) and Indian Country Law Enforcement Regulations (25 CFR 12). The workshop not only provides information on what the requirements of the noted regulations are, but incorporates practical exercises that encourage group participation. All instruction, handout material, and exercises are designed to give attendees the best opportunity to learn how to implement and monitor the identified requirements to meet their management responsibilities.  

The intended audience is managers and supervisors responsible for ensuring that their staff members meet the requirements for background investigated positions.  

After completion of the workshop, attendees will have a working understanding of the background investigation process, the adjudication certification process and how each process relates to Indian Tribes, Tribal Organizations, and Federal agencies providing services to Indian children and communities.

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If your tribe or tribal organization needs to be compliant with federal regulations or wants to enhance an existing program, Personnel Security Consultants can help by designing custom training for you.

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Personnel Security Consultants, Inc. helps clients develop security programs "from the ground up." We work with clients through consultation meetings to determine what they already have in place and then develop policies, then design a program to meet their needs. Once policies and the program are in place, we provide implementation training as needed and requested for responsible staff, tribal council or deciding bodies, and affected employees.

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