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The staff and administration of Personnel Security Consultants, Inc. are proud of our experience and ability. We're experts in making sure tribes and tribal organizations have the support they need when hiring for schools, gaming operations, law enforcement and other positions of trust.

"I have high regards for the PSC staff and their commitment and professionalism. If you ever need a good word from someone regarding your program, please let me know."

"PSC provides me with quality customer service --A plus!! They are always prompt in responding to my concerns. Thank you, PSC Staff for caring."

"They have treated us with the utmost professionalism; they are very attentive and responsive to our needs, as well as questions that come up. They also provide us with training topics which have helped enhance our job."

"I have been very happy with the services that we have received from Personnel Security Consultants. I enjoy their consistent and timely e-mail communications with us regarding the status of our fingerprint cards, and their fast response time."

"Our information is handled with utmost confidentiality and our reports are received in a timely manner. Personnel Security Consultants are helpful when sensitive issues arise. We depend upon their extensive knowledge and experience. We look forward to the continued working relationship with Personnel Security Consultants."

"The certification classes provided the necessary guidance in applying suitability criteria and forms to process the backgrounds. When I first attended the certification courses I was pleased on the organization of material and still use the resource material consistently when questions arise. We look forward to the continued working relationship with Personnel Security Consultants. They are a valuable resource for Tribal organizations."

"Personnel Security Consultants has been very helpful in every aspect in the processing of FBI Background Checks. They are also in conformance of the BIE / Grant Schools federal requirements and stipulations in conducting criminal background checks for individuals that work with children in those schools. They are very reliable and helpful in their trainings and on daily routine matters in reference to background information. I know that they are always continuing to improve their department and finding new ways of doing their jobs at best to serve their clients. For me, they are there and ready to assist. It makes it easier to do my job knowing that I have the Personnel Security Consultants to help me along. Theirs workshops and trainings have been great and have been very helpful."

"We have had to rely on this service as our only reliable mechanism for obtaining necessary criminal history information on employees, volunteers, and consultants who will exercise control over or have access to children. PSC improved this service by expediting our turnaround times. We used to have to wait as long as 3 to 4 MONTHS for results where we now receive them in a matter of a couple of weeks and I am told that will be getting shorter even yet!"

"We have used the services of Personnel Security Consultants, Inc. for many years and are very happy with the services we receive from PSC. PSC is always on the ball. We will be pleased to continue our association with PSC and look forward to their continued excellent service and support."

"We support the Tribal Personnel Security Program and would like to state that if not for the program our Tribe would not be able to take part with conducting finger printing and criminal background clearance for the employees who work for us."

"The Tribal Personnel Security Program gives us the resources necessary to conduct background investigations from a trusted source. It is important that tribal entities have a program such as this to go through to conduct the investigations. The technical assistance along with the training specific to these investigations is necessary to ensure the safety of our native children."

"My experience with TPSP has been great. I have tried to find other companies to do fingerprinting and it has been a nightmare and with TPSP I can count on my information getting back to me in a timely manner and the new turnaround time is even much more helpful to me. If I have questions I can e-mail the customer service and I get a quick response."

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