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What is Adjudication?

Adjudication is the process employers use to determine suitability for employment and efficiency of service. The adjudication process protects the interests of the employer and the rights of applicants/employees. Adjudication requires uniform evaluation to ensure fair and consistent judgment. The first step is ensuring that suitability "criteria" has been established, prior to making an adjudication decision. For instance, an employee with driving responsibilities would first have a background investigation completed which included a search of his/her driving record. The Adjudicator would review the completed background investigation and compare it with the suitability criteria established for the position. If there is no concern identified the Adjudicator could certify that the individual's background met the established criteria. If there is a concern identified, the Adjudicator would issue what is referred to as "Due Process".

Due Process -- The applicant or employee must be provided an opportunity to explain, deny, or refute unfavorable and incorrect information gathered in an investigation, before the adjudication is final. The applicant, volunteer, or employee should receive a written summary of all unfavorable information and be informed of the process for explaining, denying, or refuting unfavorable information.

Adjudication Certification Services

PSC provides full adjudication services which include:

  • Confirmation of established Suitability Criteria
  • Identification of derogatory factors from a completed investigation report
  • Inquiries to obtain mitigating information from the subject of the case or other resources

Deliverables include a pre-adjudication ranking worksheet; case summary of the final findings; sources; impacted suitability criteria; and a written recommendation. If required we issue due process procedures.

Adjudication Certification -- Our adjudications are in compliance with the requirements identified in 25 Code of Regulations Part 63 -- Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act, the Crime Control Act, as well as Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Education mandates. To meet federal mandates, individuals who have regular contact or control over children and law enforcement officers must have an Adjudication Certification on file. PSC's adjudications include a certification signed by an Adjudicator.

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